Reading Head Start

Is your child having difficulties learning?

The Reading Head Start program might be the program you need to use. It’s a system created by an English teacher who admittedly faced challenges teaching her son to read. This frustrating experience prompted her to research more and understand why some kids struggle to read, in so doing, this friendly system was born.


Reading Head Start: Details on Its $1 Trial & Bonuses


About the Author

As we have already mentioned the author of this program is a renowned English teacher. She goes by the name of Sarah Shepard. And besides being an accredited educator, she’s a mom of 3. So, you can bet she knows exactly what it means to bring up a kid.

Reading Head Start : What It Is

This is an online membership course designed for parents with kids aged between 2 and 14 years. Within the program is a collection of well-researched reading strategies specifically created for young kids.

You can use this course to provide your little one with a head start on reading skills right from an early age.

Research shows that early reading success leads to better learning and comprehension at older ages. Besides that, when you equip your kid with such skills at this age, you can build their confidence and eventual success in their future career endeavors.

How Is It Different from Other Programs?

One unique thing about this method is that it’s developed by a trained educator who is also a parent. So, she not only relies on her professional skills but also her experiences in bringing up kids. And you can easily tell this through the manner in which she breaks down what would, otherwise, be complex topics.

For instance, within this guide are child-oriented activities that are meant to promote active learning. Remember, children learn best when interactive methods are used. And so, you’ll find lots of interactive and mentally engaging activities provided within this course.

To top it all up, the program provides digital worksheets that are quite effective at helping you track the progress of your little one.

What’s more? As a parent, you’ll get lots of tools that you can conveniently use to expand your kid’s mind. And to top it all up, this course provides you with a great time to bond with them and see them transform into strong and intelligent little ones.

*Your kid will build their vocabulary right from a young age

*They’ll get all the skills they need to begin their learning journey

*If your baby has been lagging behind everyone in their class, they’ll be able to catch up fast

*With these skills, your munchkin will be all set for a great future

And guess what? You can get all that for a $1 limited-time trial offer. Yup, you read that right. Plus, you’ll get access to 6 bonuses (more on those a little later) and a 1 full year money-back guarantee.

100% Iron-Clad, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

How it works

Currently, the mainstream education system teaches your kid through sight words. For instance, they’re given the image of an apple with the word “Apple” beneath. This is a method that has been used since the 1930s!

The problem with sight words is that they teach your kid to memorize words as shapes. Most kids who are taught using this method only go on to become even more confused when confronted with two different word shapes that look almost similar to each other.

For example, the word shape “guy” looks almost the same as “buy.” Likewise, “now” might easily be mistaken for “wow.”

That’s why the Reading Head start program is designed to work differently. It works by separating letters so that instead of your kid cramming words as a whole, they grasp the sound of each letter that makes up the word.


4 Levels of Learning

One thing we really liked about this course is that it’s broken down into 4 stages of learning. Level 1 is the most basic level of learning and as your kid advances through it, they’ll eventually qualify to advance to levels 2, 3, and 4.

As you can bet, by the time they’re at level 4, they’ll be able to study complex words and phrases even those in advanced textbooks.

Easy to Use

Even if you have an extremely busy schedule, you’ll still find this system easy to use alongside your kid. In fact, all you need to do is spend 15 minutes of your time for 3 nights a week.

What’s more? Because the content is fun and interactive, your kid will be able to do most of the stuff on their own. Your job will only be to accompany them and provide them with moral support.

Quality Content

Your little one will have lots of fun interacting with the easy-learn videos provided in the member’s only area of the portal. Besides the videos, there are also lots of other helpful learning materials among them workbooks and fun but mentally engaging exercises.


In addition to the limited-time price discount offered for this program, you also get access to a myriad of free bonuses. These include:

Bonus #1: Incredible Reading ShortcutsA highly valued program full of shortcut methods your baby can use to master basic reading skills.

Bonus #2: Fun with Words Book Series – A collection of learning content that combines the use of common words with lots of fun.

Bonus #3: Lifetime updates – Since the main program is online-based, you’ll access free lifetime updates to ensure you get the latest content.

Bonus #4: Unlimited customer support via email – If you need any form of support with your kid’s learning journey, all you’ll need to do is drop Sarah an email and she’ll personally attend to it.

Backed by numerous awards and reviews

365-day money-back guarantee

Limited-time free trial offer for $1

Easy online access

Kid-friendly design


Normal pricing resumes after the end of the free-trial month

You need active internet access to access the member’s only area

You have to be actively involved in your kid’s learning journey

Final Thoughts

Good reading skills are important if you want your kid to be ahead of their class and to succeed in life. Having conducted this Reading Head Start review, we can confidently say that this looks like a good program for parents.

Plus, it’s currently going for a limited-time trial price of 1 buck for full one-month access. That’s quite a great opportunity to test-drive the system without committing your hard-earned cash to it.

Honestly, this sounds like an unbeatable deal to us. And if you really love your kid, this is something worth getting them.

100% Iron-Clad, 365 Day Money Back Guarantee